7th Birthday Series: The Caterer (Queensland Catering)

Queensland Catering and Events
Tel. Nos: 8267791/ 820-7223 / 8287340-41 / 8264923
Email: queenslandcatering@gmail.com

One of the biggest concerns of any event host is the food. The food served is almost always the first or second biggest single expense of any party, and a good and affordable catering service is not always easy to find.

We’ve had Queensland Catering for several of our family’s gatherings in the past, and the food has been consistently good. They’re also known for their reasonable rates, which is why for basic, no-frills setups, they’re really my go-to caterer. When I decided I wanted to get Mr. Balloonatix to dress up the venue, I also made up my mind to book with Queensland.

The Setup

While Mr. Balloonatix provided the decor and centerpieces, all the tables, chairs, table covers, chair covers and ribbons were provided by Queensland. I chose the colors to use for the table and chair covers from color swatches they sent me.

Right side of the party venue
Left side
Closer look at the kiddie table setup

Aside from the colors and since I didn’t have a party coordinator, I was also very specific in the kind of tables I wanted (rectangular or round, 10- or 8-seaters). I also sent Queensland a floor plan of what I wanted which I included in my post here.

Queensland also offers styling for a fee, but I found it too steep for my event so I chose to just get the basic setup that came with the package and get another supplier to dress up the venue.

The Food

Considering I had food carts and a dessert buffet, plus the fact that our party time was mid-afternoon to early evening (read: not over a meal time), I wasn’t really worried there’d be a lack of food or food choices.  I really didn’t want sophisticated and fancy food for a children’s party, and it was always my conscious decision that I didn’t want too many food choices. What I wanted was to be sure the food I served was good and would be enjoyed by everyone.

So for the adult menu, except for the carbonara (which I didn’t particularly like, to be honest), we went with our family’s “tried-and-tested” Queensland party food fare: oriental beef with mixed vegetables, buttered fried chicken, pork spareribs in BBQ sauce, sweet and sour fish fillet, and buco pandan salad for dessert. The package also came with steamed rice and a round of iced tea (which we upgraded to bottomless).

Oriental Beef with Mixed Vegetables
Buttered Fried Chicken
Pork Spareribs in BBQ Sauce
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet
Pasta Carbonara

For the kids menu, we opted for the cheesy baked mac, chicken lollipop, hotdog with mallows, and choco cupcake with sprinkles, and a round of orange juice.

Baked Macaroni
Chicken Lollipops
Hotdogs with Mallows
Chocolate Cupcakes with Sprinkles

Again, except for the carbonara (I should’ve gone with my usual baked spaghetti), everything was as masarap as usual. Our experience with Queensland is that the servings are generous, though I did order for more pax than I expected. It’s a thing I have: ayokong nauubusan, eh matakaw pa naman talaga ang pamilya ko, hehe!  So lots went back for seconds and thirds, and I was happy about that. We were also able to take home a lot, and my family was happy about that!

The Service

As has been our experience with Queensland, the waiters were respectful, friendly, well-groomed, helpful and attentive. They arrived for setup on time, their utensils and linens were clean, and their service was efficient. The headwaiters we’ve had are also professional and really supervise the rest, so less worry for me since I only have to coordinate with one person on the day.

Truth be told, the only qualm I have when I deal with this supplier is that my account handler sometimes takes awhile before replying to my emails, but acceptable pa naman ang response time so I choose not stress over it.  Our events always go smoothly with compliments from the guests on food and service, so that’s always major plus points for them.

Next up in the 7th Birthday Series: Venue Decor (Mr. Balloonatix).

2 thoughts on “7th Birthday Series: The Caterer (Queensland Catering)”

  1. Hi! My son is about to have his 1st birthday soon and I chose Amistosa Alabang and Queensland for his birthday celeb too. I really find your blogs very helpful since I’m out of the country Thank you! 🤗


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