7th Birthday Series: Cake and Dessert Buffet Goodies (Baked Twinkles)

Baked Twinkles (by Nikko Saulo)
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I love desserts, and it was already a given that I would prepare a dessert buffet for the Princess’ birthday. However, what I wasn’t counting on was that would need to DIY the styling. But that being said, I think it turned out pretty well! Continue reading “7th Birthday Series: Cake and Dessert Buffet Goodies (Baked Twinkles)”

Lots and Lots of Baked Goodies at SnR Alabang

I don’t frequent SnR very often, because (1) I don’t have a membership card, and (2) I really resolved not to to get one because I know I’ll binge on purchases there every time. But before summer was over, I agreed to drive my mom, aunt, and the Princess there so I could stock up on some baon items for school. I was surprised at all the new varieties (new for me) of baked items they had for sale!  Continue reading “Lots and Lots of Baked Goodies at SnR Alabang”

DIY Cake and Cupcake Toppers (2nd Edition)

For the Ball’s Birthday Thanksgiving this year, I was somewhat undecided for a long time on whether to order a customized cake or just make DIY cake decor again. After canvassing and inquiring from some nearby suppliers, I decided to take time to just DIY the toppers myself since it’s mostly the only thing I’ll prepare for the party anyway! Continue reading “DIY Cake and Cupcake Toppers (2nd Edition)”

A Summer School Party: The Ball’s 3rd Birthday

Since the Ball’s birthday fell on a day of summer school, the Hubby and I talked it over, and instead of letting him miss school to celebrate, we decided to celebrate in school with his classmates and teachers. So.. viola! Our very first school party! Continue reading “A Summer School Party: The Ball’s 3rd Birthday”

Breads Galore at Boulangerie 22 at Madison Galeries, Alabang

Boulangerie 22
Madison Galeries Lifestyle Mall
398 Don Jesus Blvd.
Alabang Hills, Muntinlupa City

The hubby and I were looking for a place to have a light, quick breakfast before doing errands in Madison Galeries. We were able to park right in front of this bakery/coffee shop, which led me to think it was really meant to be that we finally try Boulangerie 22. Continue reading “Breads Galore at Boulangerie 22 at Madison Galeries, Alabang”

12 Months of Chocolate Cake

When I was pregnant with the Princess and then with the Baby Ball, I was deprived of consuming what I consider a “reasonable” portion of dessert.  Aside from the guideline that pregnant women should still watch their weight, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in both pregnancies (boo.). So, when I was finally cleared of diabetes after giving birth, I did what any chocoholic would do: I celebrated with twelve months of chocolate cake! Continue reading “12 Months of Chocolate Cake”

The Catherine’s Cakes and Pies Sampler Box

Aside from that delightful apple pie, Catherine’s Cakes and Pies also has other goodies. After being a regular consumer of their apple pie, I thought it was high time we tried their sampler box with their other bestsellers. Continue reading “The Catherine’s Cakes and Pies Sampler Box”