The Cheesecake Fairy Flutters to Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang Hari

The Cheesecake Fairy
2nd Level, Building B
Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang-hari

The Hubby and I were finishing lunch at a resto in Evia.

Me: Um, can we have dessert? (Sabay smile and bat ng eyelashes)

The Hubby: Sure! Order ka na. Coffee lang ako.

Me: Ah. Well… Diba we saw this new Cheesecake something place near the escalators kanina…

The Hubby: Ahhhh. (With a raised eyebrow) Ok, sige. Basta may coffee sila ha.

Me: Ay sige, never mind, next time nalang.

The Hubby: (Smiling) Sige na, lipat na tayo. (Asks for the bill and then checks his phone)

Me: Hmmm. (thinks in silence for awhile)  No, never mind nalang. Mukhang pricey eh. (With pursed lips naman this time). Wag na muna tayo magdessert today.

The Hubby: (Sighs, and motions to follow-up the bill.) Hay naku. Knowing you, hindi ka matatahimik. Let’s go.

Oh, he knows me so very well. 😊 Continue reading “The Cheesecake Fairy Flutters to Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang Hari”

Say Cheese! Pablo’s Mini Cheese Tarts are at Bonifacio High Street, BGC

Pablo’s Mini Cheese Tarts
Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

I’ll be honest, and with the risk of you sending a look of bewilderment my way, I’ll say it: I’ve never heard of Pablo’s Mini Cheese Tarts, brought to the Philippines by the Suyen Corporation (yes, that’s the Bench group).  I guess in a way it made the experience of my first taste more authentic: I didn’t have any expectations whatsoever.  Continue reading “Say Cheese! Pablo’s Mini Cheese Tarts are at Bonifacio High Street, BGC”

The Catherine’s Cakes and Pies Sampler Box

Aside from that delightful apple pie, Catherine’s Cakes and Pies also has other goodies. After being a regular consumer of their apple pie, I thought it was high time we tried their sampler box with their other bestsellers. Continue reading “The Catherine’s Cakes and Pies Sampler Box”