A Summer School Party: The Ball’s 3rd Birthday

Since the Ball’s birthday fell on a day of summer school, the Hubby and I talked it over, and instead of letting him miss school to celebrate, we decided to celebrate in school with his classmates and teachers. So.. viola! Our very first school party! Continue reading “A Summer School Party: The Ball’s 3rd Birthday”

12 Months of Chocolate Cake

When I was pregnant with the Princess and then with the Baby Ball, I was deprived of consuming what I consider a “reasonable” portion of dessert.  Aside from the guideline that pregnant women should still watch their weight, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in both pregnancies (boo.). So, when I was finally cleared of diabetes after giving birth, I did what any chocoholic would do: I celebrated with twelve months of chocolate cake! Continue reading “12 Months of Chocolate Cake”