A Summer School Party: The Ball’s 3rd Birthday

Since the Ball’s birthday fell on a day of summer school, the Hubby and I talked it over, and instead of letting him miss school to celebrate, we decided to celebrate in school with his classmates and teachers. So.. viola! Our very first school party! Continue reading “A Summer School Party: The Ball’s 3rd Birthday”

On Flowers and Milkshakes: 2-on-1 parent time with your child

One of the things I really love about weekends is that we get to spend time as a family.  The hubby and I try to put work aside, and I’m thankful that for most of the year, the Princess doesn’t have to do schoolwork over the weekend.  I admit that often though, most of our attention diverts to the little one during family timeespecially when he’s running around or wants to eat. So, we decided to consciously make an effort to schedule both 2-on-1 and 1-on-1 time with the little Princess. Continue reading “On Flowers and Milkshakes: 2-on-1 parent time with your child”

BFF 8: Nursing Pillow

There are a lot of moms who are pro-Nursing Pillow users, and maybe even more who discourage their use.  Actually, now that I think about it, I think I know more moms who didn’t use nursing pillows at all! So, a nursing pillow isn’t for everyone. But I used mine a lot, and here are my top reasons why. Continue reading “BFF 8: Nursing Pillow”

BFF 4: Nursing Bras

During my first pregnancy, I didn’t really think much about what I needed for breastfeeding aside from the decision that I’ll need a pump when I got back to work. I didn’t factor in much about my wardrobe.  Obviously I had grown several sizes larger, so I figured I’d just use my maternity clothes while I haven’t yet lost the baby weight.  No problem.  So, “nursing bra”… what was that? Continue reading “BFF 4: Nursing Bras”